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Giving a Speech

Beyond MUN​


ARCUS MUN is excited to bring to you a lot of fun webinars and training sessions presented by our Team and partners. Information on how to access webinars and training sessions will be sent to the Registered Delegates of ARCUS MUN 2022 a few days prior to the scheduled webinar and training sessions dates. Webinars and Training sessions are only open to paid delegates.

Person Participating in Video Call


At ARCUS MUN you get to interact with people from around the world. Delegates from different ethnicities socialise with each other which exposes your mind to some amazing Cultures, Traditions and Languages. Moreover, you make some lifelong friends from around the world.



ARCUS MUN 2022 is gearing up to host some of the most influential people as the speakers of our conference. These changemakers serve as a rich source of inspiration to young delegates. Individuals like Policy makers, Lawyers, Educationalists, Diplomats would be speaking at our conference. You would not want to miss them out!

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